Who Is Oliver Talamayan?
Oliver Talamayan is a serial entrepreneur, producer, global investor, author, and philanthropist who's been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fox, INC, CBS, and ABC.

Talamayan is a venture partner at IVC Fund and helps over see business development and acquisitions. 

Talamayan is also a producer for City Summit and City Gala. Since it’s inception, the City Gala program has raised funds and awareness in support of non-profit, and charitable organizations. City Gala was attended by celebrities, billionaires, and a-listers such as John Travolta, Halle Berre, John Paul Dejoria, Quincy Jones, Sir Richard Branson, Matthew Mcconaughey, Ashton Kutcher and more.

Talamayan is a partner and advisor to over 12+ companies across 4 countries and has helped his clients and partners generate over 9 figures by leveraging the power of digital marketing, social media monetization, and High Ticket selling.

"Talamayan has been crowned a leading authority in advertising for entrepreneurs and small businesses" - Daily News Los Angeles.

He cofounded "Hustle and Heart". A philanthropic initiative founded in 2015 to help alleviate hunger and help provide supplies and even entrepreneurial education to the under privileged and sick in the Philippines.

What INC, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Are Saying

“Oliver offers high-value for free, and has already built a platform of trust through multiple mediums before clients ever get to him.” - Tracy Leigh Hazzard

“Talamayan is a producer of the City Summit 2018 program, which will feature a keynote from Ashton Kutcher. Talamayan notes that in his experience, brands and businesses are being called to a higher level of integrity in PR and marketing now.” - Cheryl Conner 

“How do you ultimately make the shift from a negative mindset to a positive one? How do you go from scarcity thinking to a purely abundant mindset? The truth? Talamayan teaches that most of us are programmed to believe that success is arduous, painful and takes years. We're taught that growing up by parents, schools and society so it becomes part of our belief system, when in fact that's not the case.” - RL Adams 

What Industry Experts Are Saying 

Daymond John: Creator of $6 Billion Brand FUBU, Star of Shark Tank, and New York Times Best Selling Author Talks About Oliver...

Jay Abraham: $9 Billion Dollar Man and Mentor to Industry Legends Like Tony Robbins, Talks About Oliver...

Kevin Harrington: Founder of “As seen on TV”, Inventor of the Infomercial, and Legend Who Launched 500+ Products Producing Sales of Over $5 Billion, Talks About Oliver...

“There are 2 types of people you meet. Those who take from you, and those who add value and become a resource to you. In just a short amount of time, Oliver has helped me expand my personal brand online, and establish more distribution channels for monetizing a very important project I’m working on. If you’re looking to expand your brand, and monetize your existing opportunities further, you have to get introduced to Oliver”

Kevin Harrington

What 8-9 Figure Entrepreneurs and Content Creators Are Saying

Industry Leader in Online Education, and 8-Figure Entrepreneur, Adam Short, Talks About His Experience Working With Oliver... 

“He is a great guy to know, and shares the same values as I do. Oliver has a high level of integrity and honor. If you are looking for a way around a hurdle, then Oliver is your man. If you don’t know him, then get to know him.”

Adam Short - Creator of Niche Profit Classroom

Marketing Legend and "Million Dollar Day" Man, Shawn Casey, Reveals His "Secret Weapon"

“Oliver has been great about putting money in my pockets. I wish more people were just like him. I highly recommend you work with Oliver and let him help you make a lot more money”

Shawn Casey - Serial Entrepreneur, 8-Figure Internet Marketer With Over 300,000 Customers

Mobile Marketing Expert, Tim Donovan, Makes $1.5 Million in a Month with a Digital Course 

“I can’t say enough good things about my friend Oliver! He single handedly added SERIOUS dollars to our bottom line for Mobile Monopoly. We did $1.5 million in sales.”

Tim Donovan, 8-Figure Entrepreneur

"Greg Jacobs Talks About How Oliver Was ESSENTIAL With the Launch of His Wordpress Mage Brand Which Did Over $10 Million in Sales..."

"Bill McRea Talks About How Oliver Helped With the Launch of His Massive Passive Profits Course Which Did Over $2 Million 
in Front End and Backend Sales in Just a Few Months..."

"Instead of Doing a $50,000 Launch, We Did a $300,000"

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